On Atomic Habits and Friendships 👬
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On Atomic Habits and Friendships 👬

On Atomic Habits and Friendships 👬
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I recently finished my second day in the Write of Passage course with David Perell, so it is time for my daily reflection. There are two major themes that I’m going to focus on from my past day of lessons and mentor sessions. The first is the importance of cultivating a writing habit. The second is the importance of making friends with fellow writers. 👬

Cultivating a writing habit resonates with me very deeply because of how important my habits have become to me.

Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. Getting 1 percent better every day counts for a lot in the long-run. -James Clear, Atomic Habits

Reading Atomic Habits by James Clear has been transformative for my life and work. He taught me how to start and maintain powerful habits. As a result, he helped change the course of my life. 🧘

An atomic habit is a little habit that is part of a larger system. Just as atoms are the building blocks of molecules, atomic habits are the building blocks of remarkable results. -James Clear, Atomic Habits

Write of Passage incorporates a lot of principles talked about in Atomic Habits. When you write a little bit every day, this will build up and compound over time in serendipitous ways. The writing habit alone can take you quite far, but it is supercharged when you have friends who share your passion.

When you publish ideas, you create your own “Serendipity Vehicle” – a magnet for ideas and people and opportunities from potentially every corner of the globe. If your ideas resonate with people, people will discover you and bring you unexpected opportunities. They’ll open doors you never knew existed. - David Perell, The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online

The second major theme from Write of Passage I mentioned was friendship and community. This is just as valuable as having a strong habit in place. Having a peer group can help stimulate interesting conversations, hone your thoughts, and provide inspiration to get writing ✍️

Talking to myself can be generative, but most of my new ideas come from conversations with friends. - David Perell, Talking Can Cure Writer's Block

Writing is made much more pleasurable and sustainable when you have colleagues to share ideas with. Some of the best writing material comes from having conversations about not-fully-formed ideas. Talking with intellectually curious peers can help flesh out these ideas.

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