Writing online with David Perell ✍️
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Writing online with David Perell ✍️

Writing online with David Perell ✍️
Photo by Etienne Girardet / Unsplash
“When it comes to economic potential, the Internet is the most important technology in our lives. John Doerr, a famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist said it best: ‘The Internet is the largest legal wealth creation tool in human history.’” - David Perell

I just finished my first day of the Write of Passage course with David Perell. I couldn’t be more excited. Here are some of my thoughts from opening day.

The energy during the first session was palpable. Thought leaders from a variety of industries have come together to hone their craft by writing online. We are learning to become true citizens of the internet.

David Perell talked during the course introduction about the process of becoming a citizen of the internet. He also talks about this more here.

I will continue to share the things I am learning here on my blog and in my newsletter. The internet continues to be one of the most valuable resources for sharing interesting ideas and making connections with like-minded individuals.